Tap or Sleep

Last Online - Friday 1st of December 2023
Display Name Tonester
Member Since Mar 3, 2009
Active Record 176-117
Overall Record 19031-15947


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1-4-2019 5:46 pm EST
1-4-2019 5:44 pm EST
Fight me
The Captain
Swingin Cats
8-20-2017 5:58 pm EST
Okay, you should be clear to return now, and you have a challenge for Junichi Snow in the other camp.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
8-20-2017 5:16 pm EST
Yeah, Chief is annoying with that sometimes. It'll be undone in 24 hours. If you get challenged I'll let you know on your wall here.
6-18-2017 11:36 am EST
Great scrap for that uno strap bro!
1-8-2017 9:56 am EST
Miss you tone
4-18-2016 8:08 am EST
you looking for alliance members?
4-20-2015 5:37 pm EST
Strange i can't comment on your fighter page
4-20-2015 5:37 pm EST
4-9-2015 9:35 pm EST
Hey Tone we have a tie break legend fight still. Sent you the legend challenge bro.
4-8-2015 3:26 pm EST
Thanks man!
3-4-2015 6:28 pm EST
You fight Animal Man this round.
2-15-2015 7:14 pm EST
2-12-2015 10:54 pm EST
Mind lending me some advice. I have been away for some time and want to see about these new styles
1-6-2015 7:52 pm EST
atm no but thanks for asking
12-12-2014 5:19 am EST
Damn man. I don't know the history between you guys and Chief but didn't seem like a ban-able thing to me.
4 Lokos Fight Club
11-27-2014 8:00 am EST
that ass though
11-16-2014 5:27 pm EST
lol thanks cutie.
11-3-2014 6:14 pm EST
camps looking good amigo.
9-30-2014 7:32 pm EST
1-1 between our camps accept the third fight...
7-18-2014 9:12 pm EST
Was passing by your camp and decided to stop in for a vist. Nobody was home. Didn't think you would mind me taking a look around. Camp looking very good. Props to you and your fighters.
7-7-2014 9:26 pm EST
Good fights tonight dude. Solid matchups, I think I got lucky with a couple style choices!
5-10-2014 5:01 pm EST
Thanks for the fights!
Mister Judo
1-24-2014 6:39 am EST
5-30-2012 12:48 pm EST
camps looking nice lately tone. keep on rockin in the free world.
5-6-2012 9:15 am EST
Yeah my Brody Cox is 192 and he cuts to WW.
5-5-2012 8:12 pm EST
My guy won a belt! But then contract ran out and he lost it :)
5-5-2012 12:02 pm EST
Thanks for the tip tony :)
gate master
push off me
12-21-2011 11:26 am EST
nice Fight.